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Pre Relocation

In order to establish a suitable location, we offer clients an Orientation Programme to explore prospective areas.  A client might have to decide whether to opt for a family home in the countryside or within the city or town-centre.  We can make this choice easier for them by organising visits to desirable areas and informing decisions with the facts, from commute times to leisure options.

Settling In

Once the Property Search process is over and a home has been chosen, we continue our support to clients in a number of ways including providing detailed information about the local area – from the best sports centres and dentists to repair shops and restaurants.

As an additional service, Professional Relocation introduces each client to their new area with a Settling-In Day. This is much appreciated by both newly arrived families and individuals alike, and can include visits to the local park, sports facilities and places of worship, as well as assistance registering at the local doctor’s surgery or, in some cases, the nearest golf club! – whatever matters most to our client.

We can also recommend or organise locally based home help, including cleaners, nannies and babysitters.

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