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We know how important quality schools are to ensure a happy family move. Access to good schools can be decisive in choosing your relocation area.

We are able to research National schools and arrange school appointments for our clients.  

For British private  schools, we work closely with independent education consultants who:


  • Can brief our clients on the nature of the British education system and how to navigate it.

  • Provide a short list of accessible quality schools

  • Can approach schools before our client even touches down in the UK, and arrange appointments within a time frame to suit them.

Useful school Links: – International Community School – (campuses in Central London) - American Community Schools (3 campuses outside London) – Southbank International School – (campuses in central London) – The American School in London – campus in Central London) – The American School in England (campus outside London) – French School – (campus in central London) web based school finding guide

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